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Eco Felt Play Sets

What happens when you have a painter, an illustrator, 5 kids, 2 cats and a dog under lockdown together?

We are Lena and Tal, artists, "Bezalel" graduates, neighbors, friends and mothers.

Tal Chet - a painter and a children's accessories designer.

Lena Baklanova - an indie designer, illustrator and owner of RED ELK brand.

We were stuck at home, in the heat of Tel-Aviv, with lots of noise, little space and we created the perfect toy to help ourselves & you, parents with the daunting task of waiting!

Waiting at a meeting, on a train ride or a flight, 'till the pasta is ready or 'till we know what is going on in this crazy world...

Our Play Sets encourage open play, that can incorporate all the toys you already own and give children the freedom to imagine whole worlds inside the house. 

We choose only the best materials for our Play Sets: Eco Felt & Wooden peg dolls.


We are constantly working on new projects!


Felt Play Set


Hi, my name is Lena Baklanova.

I am an indie designer, illustrator and the person behind RED ELK gender-neutral brand from sunny Tel Aviv.

I believe that unusual toys are a great way to stimulate creative thinking in children and love being part of this precious process.

Our style is based on a combination of bright colours and unusual shapes, on openness and diversity and lack of gender bias.

RED ELK use only high quality materials: cotton, linen, eco felt, soft and durable hollow fiber that is suitable even for allergy sufferers.

RED ELK is not just a brand, it is my way to add more colour and fun to the world we live in.

Every product comes with a little piece of heart in it.

RED ELK products are the sure way to make your loved ones smile. And smiles only make our world a brighter place.



I’d love to hear from you! Get in touch, and I’ll reply promptly.

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